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Super Saver CD

What is a Super Saver CD?
Brooklyn Coop's Super Saver CD is an easy and convenient way to save money – rewarding you when you achieve your saving goal.  This high-interest savings product is offered exclusively to graduates of our free Getting Ahead course!   
Unlike traditional Certificates of Deposit (CDs), you don’t need an entire lump sum of money upfront to open a Super Saver CD.  Instead, you build up savings as you go – regularly adding the amount of money that works for you and your budget. 
Saving Made Easy!
- Low opening deposit: $15
- Set any savings goal(s) you want (maximum: $10,000)
- High interest rates
- Easy automatic savings
- Make additional deposits at any time
- Flexible maturity terms
- If you withdraw from your CD before maturity, you forfeit your interest
- If you don’t meet your savings goal, you pay a $15 penalty
- If you withdraw from your CD before maturity and you don’t meet your savings goal, you forfeit your interest and pay a $15 penalty
- No rollovers after maturity
 To sign up for a free Getting Ahead course, your access to the Super Saver CD Program, call 718-418-8232, x201.