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Brooklyn Cooperative Profile

Find out about The Brooklyn Cooperative's mission, history, facts and more.



Our Mission & History

Today Brooklyn Cooperative is helping to revitalize Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant, two of the most under-banked neighborhoods in New York City.



Facts & Financials

We have worked hard over nine years to give our members the banking tools and educational programs they have needed to manage their money wisely.


Grow Brooklyn

Grow Brooklyn

Grow Brooklyn is a not-for-profit organization and an affiliate of Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, a community development credit union serving the low-income communities of Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant.



Partners and Affiliations

Community collaboration, industry partnerships, and government accreditations help us to expand our impact and realize the goals of our members.




Credit union members are Brooklyn Cooperative’s most important funders. It is their savings that make the organization’s work possible.

In addition, the credit union benefits from the ongoing generosity, financial and otherwise, of the following organizations:



Meet our staff.

Staff Contacts

Aissatou Bah, Loan Officer x2030

Andrew Ortiz, Teller x3040

Cathie MORE


Board of Directors

Brooklyn Cooperative’s Board of Directors is composed of seven individuals. Each director is a credit union member who brings some special knowledge and expertise to the board, helping board members to carry out their policy making, oversight, and community outreach responsibilities. MORE

Routing Number

Brooklyn Cooperative's routing number for ACH / EFT transactions (this includes direct deposit, paypal, Venmo...):